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40th Reunion

40th Reunion Group Photo

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Video by Bob Petty. Thank You, Bob!

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Thank you to the following people
for a successful reunion!

Chairperson: Jeri (Collins) Sandberg

Assistant Chairperson: Mina Jo (Gerry) Payson

Booklet: Pam Hutchinson/Data entry and Bill Porter/Photograph and artwork

Name Tags: Sharon (Russel) Boness, Nancy (LaRiviere) Peterson and Janet (Clark) Gunter

Emcees/Program: Dwight Carey, Ed Ruff and Gary Splattstoesser

Finance: Larry Reid and Bob Stallings

Memorial Poster: Bill Porter/Photography and Marci (Rew) Willison/Pictures

Decorations: Mary (Saporito) Clark

Entertainment/Photographer: Sharon (Lucas) Simmelink

Memory Circle: Leslie (Lynch) Kelly and Diane (Tittle) Fleener

Wine Tour: Cliff and Peggy (Paulsen) Ledford

Golf: Gary Splattstoesser

Flyer and Questionnaire: Melinda Brown and Ed Ruff

Class of 1968 Web-site and web-site Updates: Cyndy (Brooks) Cowman and Rick Valentine

Public Relations/Communication: Lee Bush and Peggy (Paulsen) Ledford

Boat Tours: Bill Barger

City Tour: Bob Petty and Bill Hogan

Music: Bob Petty

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Keep Your Information Up To Date.

Send E-Mail and Snail Mail changes information to:

e-mail to Jeri Collins Sandberg '68  E-Mail to: Jeri Collins Sandberg '68
e-mail to Mina Jo Gerry Payson '68  E-Mail to: Mina Jo Gerry Payson '68

Help us find missing classmates.

e-mail to Missing List'68 Missing Classmates List

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