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1968 Honors Our Veterans

Thank You, Veterans

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Thank You Class of 1968 Veterans

William Barger

Jim Breedlove - US Navy

Steve Cantrell - US Marines

Dwight Carey - US Army

Nick Carver - US Navy

Robert "Martin" Clements - US Navy

David Cleppe - US Marines

Earl Coffman

Gene Coye - US Army

Larry Coyne - US Marines

Pete Dallaire

Bill Dean

Alan Davis - US Army

Paul Dudley

Gerry Duve

Gary Ellingson - US Marines

Ken Farris

John Fellman - US Navy

Don Fowler - US Army

Roger Fuller - US Army

Michael G. Furner

Terry Ganz

John Gatskill - US Navy

Robert Lee "Bob" Graham

Ralph "Butch" Guinn - US Navy

Jim Gulliksen

Steve Harden

Ted Hartman

Dan Henry

DeWayne Hetrick - US Army

Gary W. Hoff

William Hogan

Arlis (Arly) Hoglen

Wes Holway

Bonnie (Hopkins) Kenney - US Army

Steve Horne

Frank House

Michael H. Howell - US Army

Doyle "Joe" Hunter

Larry Hutchinson

Michael G. Jackson

Glen E. Kidder - US Navy

L. Joe Kidder

James Greg Knapp

Nancy (LaRiviere) Petersen - US Army

Rick Liechty - Us Navy

Jerry Lyness

Steve Manor

Jim Mattis - US Marines

Byron Mumford

Nancy (Nikki Murray) Richards - US Air Force

James O'Brian

Mark Painter - US Army

Bob Petty - US Army

Robert Pierce

Tony Ragland

Melvin Ratliff

Larry Reid - US Navy

Richard Reynolds

Mark Riste

George Rodriguez - US Marines

Ed Ruff - US Air Force

Don Sharp - US Marines

Roy A Simonis - US Navy

John Sisk - US Marines

Don Smith

Karl Soehnlein

Leonard Sparks - US Marines

Ken Staley

Bruce Stinsman - US Air Force

Marvin Sturgeon - US Navy

Charlie Todd

Doug Ufkes

Mary (Voiland) Begg - US Army

Randy Watt - US Army

Bryon Wilcox

Sam Wright

George Washington Quote

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For All Who Gave Their Lives

bomber logo **Remembering GEORGE RODRIGUEZ**

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Vietnam Veterans Memorial Stamp Honors All Veterans

THANK YOU Veterans
and to all those who have contributed the names of veterans for this page.

If you are a class of 1968 Veteran
If you know of a Veteran from the class of 1968
Or if you have any information that would update this page,
please e-mail that information to:

e-mail to Rick Valentine ('68) E-Mail To: Rick Valentine ('68)

This page last updated on 10/04/2017
This page is only updated on a need Basis.

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Thank You, Veterans

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Veteran Graphics Credits:

Wayner's Patriotic Graphics
(Wayner has since shut down his site.)

bomber logo Doc's Patriotic Graphics

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